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Ylang-Ylang Simmering Granules

Ylang-Ylang Simmering Granules

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Transform your space with the exotic and floral aroma of Ylang Ylang Simmering Granules. Simply place a spoonful of these vibrant granules in your oil burner reservoir, and enjoy the fragrance without the need for water. These versatile granules can also be used to freshen up any room, making them a convenient and mess-free option for aromatherapy.

Whether you're looking to eliminate odours or simply create a welcoming atmosphere, these granules are a perfect choice. Use them in oil burners, ashtrays, bathrooms, or closets to enjoy their long-lasting scent. Each pack contains 200g of granules, and the colours may vary, adding a touch of visual appeal to your space.

Indulge in the delightful scent of Ylang Ylang and experience the mood-boosting benefits of these high-quality simmering granules, all at an unbeatable price.



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