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White Label Soy Wax Jar Candle - Lavender & Basil

White Label Soy Wax Jar Candle - Lavender & Basil

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Indulge in the soothing blend of Lavender & Basil with our White Label Soy Wax Jar Candle. Made with pure soy wax and high-quality fragrance oils, these eco-friendly candles offer a cleaner and longer burn than traditional paraffin candles.

Here's why you'll love them:

  • Even burn with no wax residue
  • Beautiful fragrance dispersion
  • 30-50% longer burn time
  • Free from toxins

Unbranded and elegantly presented in a chunky recycled glass jar, these candles are perfect for personalization. Add your own label for a thoughtful gift or a trendy addition to your home decor.

Remember to trim the wick, follow safety instructions, and enjoy up to 35 hours of aromatic bliss. Treat yourself or surprise a loved one with this delightful candle.

Burning Time: 30-35 hours

Dimensions: H: 8 cm, W: 7 cm, D: 7 cm

Dimensions: 6.5x6.5x7.5 (cm)


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