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This Child Has Been.. Nice!

This Child Has Been.. Nice!

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Hide the Christmas presents for your loved ones in style with the This Child Has Been...Nice! Jute Sack. This festive and sturdy sack is perfect for filling with gifts for friends and family, and it's durable enough to be reused year after year. The charming Christmas design features a checklist-style print with a Santa picture and tick boxes for Naughty and Nice, with the Nice box already ticked. It's the perfect way to store a child's presents and keep them all in one place.

These jute sacks are sure to be a hit during the holiday season, as everyone loves having a compact and festive way to keep presents organized and hidden. Order some of these amazing Jute Sacks just in time for Christmas and make present-hiding a breeze.

Size: H: 76 cm; W: 55 cm

Dimensions: 0x0 (cm)


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