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Soaps and Bath Bombs Set

Soaps and Bath Bombs Set

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Transform your bath time into a luxurious spa experience with our Soaps and Bath Bombs Set. Indulge in the following delightful treats:

  • Sleepy Lavender Soap 100g - Unwind and de-stress with the calming floral fragrance of essential oils and dried lavender flowers.
  • Slice of Sunshine Soap 100g - Start your day on a bright note with the zesty orange fragrance and essential oils topped with dried orange slices.
  • Melon Bath Bomb 180g - Embrace the optimism of a dewy summer morning with the crisp, fresh scent of melon.
  • Sweet Fennel & Jojoba Bath Bomb 180g - Transport yourself to sultry sunny days with the aromatic sweet fennel and nutty hint of jojoba.

This set is designed to help you relax, unwind, and rejuvenate, all at a price that will make you smile. Treat yourself to this delightful collection today.



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