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Smudge Stick - White Sage 22.5 cm

Smudge Stick - White Sage 22.5 cm

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Experience the cleansing power of our White Sage Smudge Stick, perfect for purifying your space and uplifting your mood. Whether you're preparing for meditation, seeking stress relief, or simply want to banish negativity, this smudge stick is your new spiritual ally.

Each 22.5 cm stick is carefully crafted from 100% natural Salvia Apiana, releasing a sharp, spicy aroma when burned. The white sage is ideal for dispelling negative influences, creating a serene atmosphere in your home.

To use, simply burn the smudge stick in a fireproof bowl or shell, and let the purifying smoke waft through your space. Pair it with a feather or fan for optimal smoke dispersion.

Our white sage smudge sticks are sourced from trusted suppliers and sealed to preserve their quality during transit. Choose the natural, mold-free option for your cleansing rituals at an affordable price.

Available in a range of scents: White Sage, Palo Santo, and more.

Dimensions: 22.5x3.5 (cm)


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