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Smudge Stick - Desert Sage 10 cm

Smudge Stick - Desert Sage 10 cm

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Experience the cleansing power of our Desert Sage Smudge Stick, measuring 10cm in length. Whether you're preparing for meditation, seeking spiritual connection, or simply looking to uplift your mood, this smudge stick is the perfect companion. The sharp, spicy aroma released when burning the sage is stronger than Palo Santo, making it an effective tool for dispelling negative energy.

Each smudge stick is carefully crafted from 100% natural Salvia Apiana, ensuring the highest quality and potency. To enhance your smudging ritual, use a seashell, ceramic bowl, or glass dish to capture ash, and consider using a feather or fan to disperse the fragrant smoke.

Choose our Desert Sage Smudge Stick for a cleansing and uplifting experience, and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing it has been carefully dried and sealed to preserve its quality during transit to Europe. Embrace the power of sage at a price that will leave you feeling relaxed.

Dimensions: 10x2 (cm)


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