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Smudge Stick - Blue Sage 10 cm

Smudge Stick - Blue Sage 10 cm

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Experience the cleansing power of our Blue Sage Smudge Stick, perfect for purifying your space and uplifting your mood. Whether you're preparing for meditation, prayer, or simply need to de-stress, this smudge stick is your ally.

Each 10 cm stick is carefully crafted from 100% natural Blue Sage, known for its sharp, spicy aroma that fills the air when burned. Unlike its counterpart Palo Santo, Blue Sage is stronger and more commonly used for cleansing.

When burning the Blue Sage, use a seashell, ceramic, clay, or glass dish to capture the ash. You can also use a feather or fan to spread the cleansing smoke throughout your space.

Our smudge sticks are sourced from trusted suppliers, ensuring the highest quality and mold-free guarantee. Embrace the ancient tradition of smudging with our affordable and premium Blue Sage Smudge Stick.

Dimensions: 10x2.5 (cm)


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