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Small Rag Rug - 50x90cm - premium quality - Shocking Pinks

Small Rag Rug - 50x90cm - premium quality - Shocking Pinks

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Introducing our premium quality Small Rag Rug in vibrant Shocking Pinks, measuring 50x90cm. This luxury rug is meticulously crafted to bring a burst of lively colour to any room.

  • Crafted with care to ensure premium quality and durability
  • Compact 50x90cm size, ideal for various living spaces
  • Adorned in vibrant shocking pinks, perfect for adding a pop of lively colour to any room

Enhance your customers' living spaces with these exquisite rag rugs, whether they're used in kitchens and bathrooms, or as a bold decorative accent in bedrooms and living rooms. The shocking pinks bring an invigorating burst of colour and energy to any environment. Elevate your inventory with this Small Rag Rug in Shocking Pinks.



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