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Silver & Gold Earring - Dragonflies

Silver & Gold Earring - Dragonflies

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Embrace the latest trend in mixed metal jewellery with these stunning Silver & Gold Dragonfly Earrings. Perfect for adding an exotic and mystic feel to any outfit, these earrings are sure to be a hit with anyone who loves unique and beautiful accessories.

These earrings come in a beautiful packaging, making them an ideal choice for a special gift. The message inside the gift box, "..wear with confidence.." adds an extra touch of positivity to these already stunning earrings. Plus, you can feel good about wearing them, knowing that they are ethically sourced.

Made in Indonesia, these earrings are not only adorable and unique but also lovingly crafted. The 18k Gold and 925 Silver metals add a touch of luxury, while the dragonfly design brings a sense of whimsy and charm.


  • Height with Drop: 2.4cm
  • Fitting: Hook
  • Metal: 18k Gold & 925 Silver
  • Weight: 1 gram (together)

Dimensions: 2.4x2.2 (cm)

Materials/Ingredients: 925 Silver, 18K Gold

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