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Silver Angel Bell - Seduction - 16mm

Silver Angel Bell - Seduction - 16mm

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Introducing the Silver Angel Bell in Seduction, a delicate 16mm bell that carries a touch of magic and grace. Handcrafted on the mystical island of Bali, each bell is lovingly made and blessed with love and grace.

The gentle, soothing sound of the bell will always remind you of the potential presence of angels, bringing good fortune and an open heart. Each bell is given a unique name, known only to you, giving it a special meaning and purpose.

These artisan-made silver angel bells are crafted from Bali 92.5 silver and come with neck cords featuring silver details and clasps. The bells are available in balanced brass or ceramic and resin materials.

Give the gift of a Silver Angel Bell to someone special, and share the magic and love it embodies. Be an angel yourself and spread the joy with this thoughtful and meaningful gift.

Dimensions: Diameter 16mm, 0.002L, 512.9Kg/L

Materials/Ingredients: Silver

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