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Silver Angel Bell - Faith - 12mm

Silver Angel Bell - Faith - 12mm

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Introducing the Silver Angel Bell - Faith, a delicate and meaningful accessory that carries a touch of spirituality and grace.

Handcrafted on the mystical island of Bali, each 12mm silver bell is lovingly made and blessed with love, creating a gentle and soothing sound that resonates with the presence of angels.

These artisan-made silver angel bells are not just beautiful ornaments; they are also believed to bring good fortune and draw attention from heavenly beings.

Each bell is given a name, allowing you to imbue it with your own personal meaning and purpose, making it a truly special gift from the heart.

Made from Bali 92.5 silver, the neck cords feature silver details and clasps, adding an elegant touch to this spiritual accessory.

Available in a variety of scents, these candles are perfect for creating a warm and inviting atmosphere in any space.

Embrace the angelic presence and consider gifting a Silver Angel Bell to a loved one, sharing the blessings and grace it represents.

Dimensions: Diameter 12mm, 0.001L, 7.7Kg/L

Materials/Ingredients: Silver

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