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Set of 4 Pillar Candles 50mm (11/16/22/33H) - Red

Set of 4 Pillar Candles 50mm (11/16/22/33H) - Red

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Enhance the ambiance of your space with our Set of 4 Pillar Candles in a vibrant red hue. Each candle varies in burning time, offering approximately 11, 16, 22, and 33 hours of delightful illumination. Crafted with care, these candles come in different weights and dimensions, ranging from 105g to 200g and 7.0cm to 13.0cm in height, with a diameter of ø4.8cm. Perfect for creating a warm and inviting atmosphere, these pillar candles are ideal for both everyday use and special occasions.


Materials/Ingredients: parafin wax

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