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Set of 4 Pillar Candles 50mm (11/16/22/33H) - Ivory

Set of 4 Pillar Candles 50mm (11/16/22/33H) - Ivory

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Indulge in the warm glow of our Set of 4 Ivory Pillar Candles, perfect for creating a cosy atmosphere in any space. Each set includes four candles of varying heights and burning times, so you can enjoy the flickering ambiance for as long as you desire.


  • Burning time: ~11 hours (7.0 cm), ~16 hours (9.0 cm), ~22 hours (11.0 cm), ~33 hours (13.0 cm)
  • Weight: ~105g (7.0 cm), ~135g (9.0 cm), ~170g (11.0 cm), ~200g (13.0 cm)
  • Height: 7.0 cm, 9.0 cm, 11.0 cm, 13.0 cm
  • Diameter: ø4.8 cm

Embrace the versatility of these pillar candles, whether you're unwinding after a long day or setting the mood for a special occasion. Add a touch of elegance to your home with these timeless classics.


Materials/Ingredients: parafin wax

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