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Set 4 - Pampas Broom - Rainbow Colours

Set 4 - Pampas Broom - Rainbow Colours

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Bring a burst of colour and natural charm into your home with our Rainbow Colours Natural Pampas Broom. Handmade using dried pampas, this eco-friendly decorative piece is perfect for adding a touch of rustic elegance to any space.

Whether hung on a wall in the living room or adorning a hallway, this pampas broom is a trendy and sustainable way to enhance your home decor. Each broom is made from fully sustainable crops in central Java, making it a stylish and eco-conscious choice.

Please note that due to the natural materials used, the broom handle or bristles may vary in length from the image. The size of the broom is approximately 58 x 15 cm, adding a statement piece to your interior design.


Materials/Ingredients: Seagrass

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