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Runes Stone Set in Pouch - Lapis

Runes Stone Set in Pouch - Lapis

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Discover the mystical world of runes with our Lapis Rune Stone Set in a pouch. The origins of these ancient symbols may be shrouded in mystery, but their power is undeniable. Each set includes 25 lapis stones, 24 engraved with rune symbols and one blank.

Carry the wisdom of the ages with you and tap into the energy of these ancient symbols. Whether you're a believer in their mystical properties or simply appreciate their historical significance, this rune set is a unique and intriguing addition to any collection.

Available in a deep, rich lapis lazuli, this set makes a thoughtful gift for the spiritually inclined or anyone with an interest in ancient cultures and traditions.


Materials/Ingredients: Lapis

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