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Round Box - Classic Red Roses

Round Box - Classic Red Roses

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Indulge in the timeless beauty of red roses with our Soap Flower Gift Round Box in Classic Red Roses. This classic gift set is a perfect expression of love, romance, and appreciation.

  • Classic Red Roses: Inside the round box, discover intricately crafted soap flowers that capture the allure of real red roses. Their deep, rich colour symbolises love and passion.
  • Thoughtful Gift: Whether it's Valentine's Day, an anniversary, or a special occasion, this soap flower gift box is a heartfelt gesture that expresses deep affection.
  • Lasting Memories: Beyond their visual appeal, these soap flowers can be used as decorations or for a relaxing bath, allowing the recipient to cherish the gift long after the celebration.

Our Soap Flower Gift Round Box in Classic Red Roses is a declaration of love and a reminder of enduring affection. It's a gift that speaks volumes without saying a word.



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