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Raw Crystals (500gm) - Crystal Jade

Raw Crystals (500gm) - Crystal Jade

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Step into the world of natural beauty and serenity with Crystal Jade Raw Crystals. These exquisite green gems offer a glimpse into the elegance of the earth's treasures.

  • Natural Serenity: Crystal Jade is renowned for its lush green hue, symbolising tranquillity, and harmony with nature.
  • Calming Energy: Jade is often associated with serenity, balance, and inner peace.
  • Heart Chakra Connection: Crystal Jade resonates strongly with the Heart Chakra, promoting love, compassion, and emotional healing.
  • Prosperity and Abundance: In many cultures, Jade is considered a symbol of prosperity and good luck.
  • Spiritual Harmony: Crystal Jade is said to bring spiritual harmony and balance into one's life.

Whether you're an experienced crystal enthusiast or simply looking to invite the soothing properties of Crystal Jade into your life, this 500g collection is a fantastic choice.



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