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Rare Mineral Specimens - Pack of 5 - Mix 2

Rare Mineral Specimens - Pack of 5 - Mix 2

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Discover the wonder of the earth with our Rare Mineral Specimens Pack of 5 - Mix 2. Each piece is a unique and inspiring collector's item, making it a perfect gift for nature-lovers and travellers alike. Uncover the beauty of nature with an endless variety of crystal shapes, colours, and arrangements - no two pieces are the same.

The pack contains:

  • Amethyst: A stunning purple crystal with a rich history dating back to ancient Greece. It is believed to prevent intoxication and is a form of quartz.
  • Epidote: Typically green, yellow-green, or brown in colour, with a vitreous to pearly cluster.
  • Natural Hematite: Commonly used in various industrial applications, including pigments, ceramics, and polishing powder.
  • Galena: Mined for lead and silver for thousands of years, and still an important ore of these metals today.
  • Chalcopyrite: Also known as "Peacock Ore" due to its colourful iridescence.

Please note that these minerals are a natural product, so the sizes of the gemstone pieces may vary.


Materials/Ingredients: Selenite

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