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Pure Herbs Cedar Rope Incense

Pure Herbs Cedar Rope Incense

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Bring the serene aroma of the Himalayas into your home with our Pure Herbs Cedar Rope Incense. Handmade from the finest Himalayan Cedar, also known as Dhup in Nepali culture, this incense is a staple in Newar homes and is commonly used in stupas and temples.

Our incense ropes are carefully crafted from herbs found in the high Himalayas, creating a truly authentic experience. Each rope is meticulously prepared by bundling the ingredients in special hand-prepared rice paper, resulting in a unique braided form.

To enjoy the aromatic ambience, simply burn the rope in a marble or metal dish, or on an ash bed using a special incense burner. Please note that this type of incense produces a substantial amount of smoke, so it's best to use sparingly to avoid overpowering smaller spaces.

Each rope burns for approximately 15 minutes, allowing you to indulge in the calming fragrance of Himalayan Cedar at your leisure.

Dimensions: 11x0.5 (cm)

Materials/Ingredients: Incense

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