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Protection Dream Catcher - Lrg Macrame Pyramid White/Grey

Protection Dream Catcher - Lrg Macrame Pyramid White/Grey

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Bring a touch of ancient wisdom into your home with our Protection Dream Catcher. This large macrame pyramid in white and grey is not only a stunning piece of decor, but also a powerful symbol of protection against evil.

The combination of a Dream Catcher and Evil Eye invokes the magic of both, making it a unique and meaningful addition to any space. Hang it in your bedroom to ward off evil nightmares - the good dreams will pass through the dream catcher, while the bad ones get tangled in the web and perish with the first light of dawn.

Handmade with macrame details and natural rattan frames, this dream catcher is a beautifully crafted product available in vibrant designs that you will love. Embrace the magic and beauty of this Protection Dream Catcher in your home.


  • Dream Catcher frame: 39x1x45cm
  • With feathers: 39x1x45x83cm

Dimensions: 39x1x45 (cm), 1.755L, 0.228Kg/L

Materials/Ingredients: Cotton, feathers and wooden beads

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