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Protection Dream Catcher - Lrg Macrame Evil Eye Blue/White/Black

Protection Dream Catcher - Lrg Macrame Evil Eye Blue/White/Black

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Bring a touch of ancient protection into your home with our Large Macrame Evil Eye Dream Catcher in Blue, White, and Black. This unique combination of a dream catcher and the powerful Evil Eye symbol offers a double layer of protection against negative energy.

Hung in your bedroom, this beautiful piece not only adds a bohemian touch to your decor but also acts as a shield against evil nightmares. The intricate macrame details and natural rattan frames make it a stunning addition to any space.

Available in a vibrant blue, white, and black design, this handcrafted dream catcher is not only a beautiful decoration but also a powerful symbol of protection. Embrace the magic of the Evil Eye and the tradition of dream catchers with this unique piece.


  • Dream Catcher frame: 70x1x23cm
  • With feathers: 70x1x23x85cm

Dimensions: 70x1x23 (cm), 1.61L, 0.248Kg/L

Materials/Ingredients: Cotton, Goose feathers, Rattan, Rattan Beads

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