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Patched Hemp & Cotton Boho Festival Hat - Tiedye

Patched Hemp & Cotton Boho Festival Hat - Tiedye

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Elevate your Boho style with our Patched Hemp & Cotton Boho Festival Hat in a vibrant Tiedye design. Each hat is a unique and sustainable accessory that radiates free-spirited essence. Handcrafted with care and creativity, it's a harmonious blend of hemp and cotton adorned with a mesmerising tie-dye pattern, resulting in a distinctive piece that perfectly encapsulates both fashion and sustainability.

  • Material: Hemp & Cotton blend
  • Colour: Tie-dye
  • One size fits most
  • Versatile and stylish
  • Sustainable

The tie-dye design adds a vibrant and eclectic touch to the hat, making it ideal for music festivals, beach outings, or everyday Boho-inspired looks.



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