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Natural Selenite Tower Lamp - 15 cm

Natural Selenite Tower Lamp - 15 cm

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Bring the soothing and cleansing energy of the Natural Selenite Tower Lamp into your home. Standing at 15 cm tall, this beautiful crystal lamp is perfect for creating a peaceful atmosphere and promoting clarity and guidance.

Here's why you'll love it:

  • Clears negative energy from your space and chakras
  • Supports mental clarity and awareness
  • Provides protection from negativity
  • Cleanses and renews the energy of other crystals
  • Calming properties make it ideal for meditation

Each lamp comes complete with a light fitting, bulb, and plug, making it a fabulous gift idea for yourself or a loved one. Choose the perfect spot for this beautiful natural crystal and enjoy its gentle healing qualities.


Materials/Ingredients: selenite

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