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Mythical Backflow Cones - Unicorn Grace

Mythical Backflow Cones - Unicorn Grace

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Transport yourself to a world of magic and wonder with our Mythical Backflow Cones in Unicorn Grace. Each cone is carefully crafted to create a mesmerising cascade of fragrant smoke, perfect for infusing your space with enchanting aromas.

These backflow incense cones make a delightful gift for anyone who appreciates a touch of fantasy or a well-deserved treat for yourself. Pair them with our Backflow Incense burners to create a captivating gift set.

Once lit, watch as the smoke elegantly flows down the special backflow oil burner, creating a captivating display and filling your home with a long-lasting, delightful scent.

Each box contains 12 cones, made with premium quality in India by Stamford. Choose Unicorn Grace for a scent that's as unique and magical as you are.


Materials/Ingredients: Special Paste typically made from mixture of herbs on a Bamboo Stick

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