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Molten Glass on Wood - Hanging Bowl

Molten Glass on Wood - Hanging Bowl

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Introducing our stunning Molten Glass on Wood Hanging Bowl, a true masterpiece handcrafted in Bali. This unique piece is a hot trend in Holland and is making waves in the UK for its natural and chic appeal.

Each bowl is meticulously crafted from recycled glass and Balinese Gamal wood, making it an eco-friendly choice for your home decor. The hand-blown glass is carefully shaped over the Gamal root, resulting in a perfect, one-of-a-kind fit.

Whether you use it to display air plants, stones, or as a wine decanter, this versatile bowl brings a touch of nature indoors. Embrace the beauty of natural art with this affordable and exquisite piece.


  • Handmade melted glass on Balinese Gamal wood
  • Brings natural and man-made elements together
  • Perfect for displaying stones, air plants, or as a wine decanter
  • Dimensions: Bowl Size - H:27cm, D:5cm; On The Stand - 30cm

Don't miss out on adding a touch of Bali to your home with this best-selling, unique hanging bowl.

Dimensions: 15x24x24 (cm), 8.64L, 0.197Kg/L

Materials/Ingredients: Gamal Wood (Gliricidia Sepium)/Glass

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