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Magic Pendulum - Sunstone

Magic Pendulum - Sunstone

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Discover the ancient art of dowsing with our Sunstone Gemstone Magic Pendulum. Dating back over six thousand years, dowsing has been used for various purposes, including finding water, minerals, and even lost objects. This unique crystal pendulum is fitted with a silver chain and a gemstone bead, exuding a truly magical energy.

Our high-quality pendulums come in a variety of stones, each with its own unique energy. The chain is approximately 170mm long, and please note that as these pendulums are handmade from natural products, the gemstone pieces' sizes may vary.

Embrace the mystical power of our Sunstone Gemstone Magic Pendulum and add a touch of ancient wisdom to your divination practices.

Dimensions: 2x1 (cm)

Materials/Ingredients: Gemstone, Silver Plated Chain

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