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Incense Powder Mould Set - Blue Green Purple

Incense Powder Mould Set - Blue Green Purple

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Enhance your incense experience with our versatile Incense Powder Mould Set in Blue, Green, and Purple. Crafted with precision by artisans in Bali, this set of three pyramids offers unparalleled versatility in incense size.

Whether you seek a burst of fragrance or a long-lasting aroma, our mould set delivers. Simply fill the pyramid mould with your preferred incense powder blend, compact it firmly, and witness the birth of a beautifully cohesive pyramid ready for burning.


  • Large Mould: Height 7.2 cm x Width 6 cm
  • Medium Mould: Height 6.5 cm x Width 5.4 cm
  • Small Mould: Height 4.8 cm x Width 4 cm


Materials/Ingredients: Aluminum

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