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Hemu Wood Soap Dish - Groovy

Hemu Wood Soap Dish - Groovy

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Introducing the Hemu Wood Soap Dish - Groovy, a stylish and well-crafted addition to your bathroom. Each dish features a modern design and comes individually wrapped in paper, making it a perfect gift or a treat for yourself.

These wooden soap dishes are designed to keep your natural handmade soaps well-drained, prolonging their lifespan and preventing them from becoming soft. Crafted from sustainable hemu wood, sourced from the Guger Tree in China, these dishes allow for optimal air circulation around the soap, aiding in the drying process between uses.

Choose the Hemu Wood Soap Dish for a sustainable and stylish solution to preserving your favourite soaps.

Dimensions: 10x7x2 (cm), 0.14L, 0.479Kg/L

Materials/Ingredients: Hemu Wood

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