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Greek Clay Plant Pot - Cream 12cm

Greek Clay Plant Pot - Cream 12cm

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Enhance your botanical display with our Greek Clay Plant Pot in Cream. This meticulously crafted 12cm pot brings timeless sophistication to any living space.

Handmade with care, this cream-colored clay pot adds tranquillity to any environment. The stripped pattern showcases the beauty of simplicity, making it an ideal companion for a variety of plants.

Imported directly from skilled artisans in Indonesia, this plant pot carries a sense of authenticity and tradition. The 12cm size offers versatility for accommodating a range of plant sizes, allowing you to create a harmonious and stylish arrangement.


  • 12cm cream-colored clay pot
  • Handmade with a stripped pattern
  • Imported from skilled artisans in Indonesia
  • Not waterproof

Invest in the artistry of our Greek Clay Plant Pot in Cream and bring a piece of classical beauty into your range.



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