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Grapeseed Oil - 100ml

Grapeseed Oil - 100ml

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Indulge in the nourishing benefits of our 100ml Grapeseed Oil, sourced from the beautiful vineyards of Italy. This versatile oil is a powerhouse of nutrients, promoting healthy skin and hair growth. Whether used in aromatherapy, massages, or skincare, its light texture and faint, sweet scent make it a delightful addition to your self-care routine.

Key features:

  • Botanical Name: Vitis Vinifera
  • Origin: Italy
  • Colour and odour: Clear yellow to yellowish green with a faint, sweet scent
  • Texture: Light and easily absorbed
  • Shelf Life: Up to 1 year

Crafted through cold-pressed extraction, our Grapeseed Oil is carefully selected, ensuring purity and meeting rigorous quality standards. Elevate your skincare regimen with this premium oil, a luxurious touch of Italy's finest.

Dimensions: 114x45x25 (mm)


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