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Gemstone Faceted Healing Ball & Stand - Rock Quartz

Gemstone Faceted Healing Ball & Stand - Rock Quartz

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Enhance your space with the soothing energy of our Rock Quartz Gemstone Faceted Healing Ball. Paired with a light brown wooden stand, this versatile gemstone sphere is a must-have for any crystal enthusiast.

Believed to enhance energies and intentions, the Rock Quartz ball is ideal for energy healing, crystal grids, and maintaining a positive atmosphere. It serves as a blank canvas for spiritual seekers and complements various esoteric practices.

When showcased, these vibrant gemstones will surely catch your customers' attention, each with its unique meanings and properties. Position them strategically in your store to create an inviting and positive atmosphere.

Dimensions: Ball - approximately 5.5cm; Ball with stand - approximately 10cm



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