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Frankincense (Pure) 50ml

Frankincense (Pure) 50ml

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Indulge in the luxurious aroma of Pure Frankincense Essential Oil. Derived from the resin of the Boswellia carterii tree, this oil is renowned for its calming properties and is a popular choice in aromatherapy.

With origins in Oman, this steam-distilled oil has been used for centuries to heal wounds, prevent scars, and promote relaxation. It's also a popular choice for skincare, known for its toning and anti-wrinkle properties.

Frankincense essential oil is believed to have a range of benefits, from easing anxiety and stress to supporting respiratory health. It's also known for its use in meditation, offering a sense of tranquillity and peace.

Discover the rich history of frankincense, from its use in ancient Egyptian rituals to its symbolism of divinity. Embrace the timeless tradition of incorporating this sacred oil into your wellness and beauty routines.

Available in a 50ml bottle, this Pure Frankincense Essential Oil is a must-have for anyone seeking natural remedies and a touch of ancient wisdom in their daily lives.

Dimensions: 9.6x3.5 (cm)


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