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Dream Catcher - Large Turquoise Elemental Spirits

Dream Catcher - Large Turquoise Elemental Spirits

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Bring a touch of spiritual tranquility to your home with our Large Turquoise Elemental Spirits Dream Catcher. Handcrafted in Bali, this vegan-friendly dream catcher is made with love from rattan, cotton, and wooden beads, and is free from feathers.

The intricate web of the dream catcher is believed to filter good dreams, allowing them to pass through and reach the dreamer, while the bad dreams are caught in the web and perish with the first light of dawn.

Embraced by the locals in Bali, this dream catcher carries the renewed power of the spirit world, making it a meaningful addition to any space. Let the Elemental Spirits guide you to a peaceful night's sleep and sweet dreams.

Dimensions: 65x27x1 (cm), 1.755L, 0.256Kg/L

Materials/Ingredients: Seagrass, cotton, wooden beads

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