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Copper Ritual Bowl with Tree of Life 12x5cm

Copper Ritual Bowl with Tree of Life 12x5cm

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Embrace the spirit of nature and mysticism with our Copper Ritual Bowl featuring the Tree of Life design. Measuring 12x5cm, this bowl is perfect for rituals, meditation, and spiritual practices.

Symbolizing harmony, growth, and connection with nature, the Tree of Life pattern on the copper bowl helps establish a deeper connection with the energy of nature. It aids in understanding the cycle of life and brings peace to spiritual practices.

Copper, known for its association with energy and healing, adds authenticity and exceptional quality to this natural-looking bowl.

Encourage your customers to experience harmony with nature by adding the Copper Ritual Bowl with the Tree of Life to your collection today.

Please note: When used to burn incense or other products, the vessel becomes very hot. Always place it on a heat-resistant surface and handle with care. Consider filling the vessel with non-flammable material such as sand.

Dimensions: 12x5 (cm)


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