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Castor Oil - 100ml

Castor Oil - 100ml

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Discover the natural benefits of our 100ml Castor Oil, derived from the Ricinus Communis plant. Widely used in medicine, cosmetics, and industrial chemistry, this versatile oil has been treasured since ancient times.

Our Castor Oil is carefully sourced from India, the largest producer of this botanical gem. With its pale yellow colour and almost odourless, oily scent, it's perfect for blending with your favourite essential oils.

The thick, honey-like texture of this oil makes it an ideal remedy for dry skin, and when used for massage, it can promote circulation and even aid in hair growth.

Enhance the absorption of other cosmetic ingredients by incorporating this high-quality Castor Oil into your skincare routine. With a shelf life of 1 year, it's a must-have addition to your collection of natural remedies.

Dimensions: 114x45x25 (cm)


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