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Cascade Wrapped Gemstone Necklace - Rough Opalite

Cascade Wrapped Gemstone Necklace - Rough Opalite

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Introducing our Cascade Wrapped Gemstone Necklace in Rough Opalite - a mesmerising piece that will captivate jewellery enthusiasts. The milky-white surface with a subtle bluish tint shimmers with the colours of the rainbow, making it a delightful addition to any collection.

The simple, raw form and small size of this necklace make it a perfect accessory for both everyday wear and special occasions. Opalite is considered a stone of imagination, helping you to see the beauty hidden in everyday things as well as within yourself.

Product Details:

  • Stone: Rough Opalite
  • Chain Length: Approx. 50 cm


Materials/Ingredients: Silver Plated, Gemstones

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