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Cap for RDBot-11/12/13/16 3cm - Black Top

Cap for RDBot-11/12/13/16 3cm - Black Top

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Enhance your home fragrance experience with our Black Top Caps for RDBot-11/12/13/16 3cm. These specially designed caps are the perfect addition to your reed diffuser bottles, offering both functionality and style.

Choose between the sleek silver or classic black caps, complete with a convenient travel plug for sealing and re-opening your diffuser bottle with ease. The cork material ensures a secure seal, allowing you to preserve your favourite aromas for longer.

These caps are compatible with a range of reed diffuser bottles, making them a versatile and practical choice for any home fragrance enthusiast. Simply add your preferred aromatherapy oils or room-freshening fragrances, insert the reeds, and let the captivating scents fill your space.

Explore our Home Fragrance and Aromatherapy Departments to discover a wide selection of oils and fragrances to complement your new caps. Please note that the bottles are sold separately and can be found below.

Elevate your home into a truly aromatic haven with these stylish and functional Black Top Caps. It's time to indulge in the delightful world of home fragrances.


Materials/Ingredients: plastic

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