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Breathe Easy Essential Oil Blend - Boxed - 10ml

Breathe Easy Essential Oil Blend - Boxed - 10ml

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Indulge in the soothing benefits of our Breathe Easy Essential Oil Blend. This boxed set contains 10ml of carefully crafted Eucalyptus, Ravensara, and Peppermint oils, perfect for creating a tranquil atmosphere and promoting a sense of well-being.

Benefits of our Breathe Easy essential oil blend include:

  • May help clear the respiratory tract
  • Facilitates easy breathing
  • May help stimulate the immune system

Whether you're looking to unwind after a long day or re-energize your senses, our Essential Oil Blend is versatile. Add a few drops to your bath, apply to your wrists or the back of your neck, or enjoy a relaxing foot massage.

For safe use, we recommend diluting this pure Essential Oil Blend with our base oils before applying it to your skin. Embrace the power of aromatherapy and elevate your self-care routine with our Breathe Easy Essential Oil Blend.

Dimensions: 65x24 (mm)

Materials/Ingredients: Eucalyptus, Corn Mint and Ravensara

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