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Bali Dreamcatchers - XLarge Round - Cream/Coffee/Choc

Bali Dreamcatchers - XLarge Round - Cream/Coffee/Choc

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Introducing our Bali Dreamcatchers - XLarge Round in Cream, Coffee, and Chocolate. This handcrafted dream catcher is not only a beautiful addition to your bedroom decor, but it also holds a special meaning.

According to Native American legend, dream catchers filter good and bad dreams, allowing only the good ones to pass through while catching the bad ones in their intricate web, where they perish with the first light of dawn.

Here are some details about this stunning dream catcher:

  • Handcrafted with a 32 cm wooden ring wrapped in cream, coffee, and chocolate suede cord
  • Features one 11 cm and three 9 cm rings hanging on durable strings
  • All rings adorned with cream strings and small wooden beads spiralling towards the centre
  • Includes 11 sets of 4 feathers hanging below

Bring home this beautiful piece and add a touch of mystique to your space while enjoying its symbolic meaning. Hang it near your bed and let it work its magic. Embrace the legend and make it a part of your home today.

Dimensions: 115x32 (cm)

Materials/Ingredients: Synthetic suede, feathers and wooden beads

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