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Aromatherapy Backflow Cones - Stress Release

Aromatherapy Backflow Cones - Stress Release

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Unwind and de-stress with our Aromatherapy Backflow Cones. These specially designed incense cones not only perfume your home with a delightful scent but also create a mesmerizing cascade of smoke, adding a touch of beauty to your space.

Once lit, the smoke from the cone elegantly flows downwards, creating a captivating visual display that is both soothing and therapeutic. Made in India, each box contains 12 premium quality cones, ensuring a longer-lasting aromatic experience.

Pair these cones with our Backflow Incense holder for the ultimate relaxation ritual. Transform your space and recharge your energy with the enchanting aroma of our Stress Release Aromatherapy Backflow Cones.


Materials/Ingredients: Special Paste typically made from mixture of herbs on a Bamboo Stick

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