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Antique Copper Ritual Goblet with Triple Moon 8x13cm

Antique Copper Ritual Goblet with Triple Moon 8x13cm

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Enhance your spiritual practices with our Antique Copper Ritual Goblet featuring a Triple Moon design. This 8x13cm goblet is steeped in symbolism and history, making it a unique and beautiful addition to your rituals and ceremonies.

The triple moon decoration holds significant meaning across various cultures, representing transformation, womanhood, and rebirth. Crafted from antiqued copper, this goblet exudes an antique charm, adding depth to its symbolism.

Whether used in magical rituals, religious ceremonies, or as a decorative piece, this goblet is versatile and powerful. Embrace its rich history and symbolism to enrich your spiritual journey.

Important: When using the goblet for burning incense or other products, handle with care as it becomes very hot. Always place it on a heat-resistant surface and consider filling it with non-flammable material such as sand.

Dimensions: 8x13 (cm)


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