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50g Serenity Souk Blend

50g Serenity Souk Blend

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Indulge in the calming blend of our 50g Serenity Souk Blend Green Tea with Marrakech Petals. The refreshing combination of green tea and mint not only purifies but also helps eliminate excess waste and liquids, making it the perfect addition to slimming diets or a balanced intake.

This antioxidant-rich blend strengthens the immune system and supports the proper functioning of cells, making it a soothing and beneficial choice for your well-being.


  • Use 2-3 grams per 200 ml
  • Water temperature: 70ºC-80ºC
  • Steep for 3-4 minutes


Materials/Ingredients: Gunpowder green tea (61.5%), mint, rose petals, mallow, aroma

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