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120ml Reed Diffuser - White Strawberry & Blackberry

120ml Reed Diffuser - White Strawberry & Blackberry

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Immerse your living space in the sweet and vibrant aroma of White Strawberry & Blackberry with our 120ml Reed Diffuser. This meticulously blended and crafted reed diffuser is your ticket to transforming any house into a warm, loving home. The essence of fragrance is its ability to evoke cherished memories and emotions; let your home be enveloped in this delightful fragrance to create an atmosphere of love and joy. This premium classic reed diffuser is infused with the finest artisan fragrance, promising to enchant and delight everyone who encounters it. The fragrance will subtly and delicately waft along the sticks, filling any room with a delightful and aromatic ambiance. Presented in 120ml chunky glass bottles, it ensures a long-lasting fragrance experience, enduring up to 12 weeks.

Dimentions: 30x10x8 (cm)


Materials/Ingredients: Glass Bottle, Reeds, Fragrance, Gift Box

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