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120ml Reed Diffuser - Vanilla Plantation

120ml Reed Diffuser - Vanilla Plantation

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Envelop your living spaces in the warm and inviting aroma of the 120ml Reed Diffuser in Vanilla Plantation. This meticulously blended and crafted reed diffuser is your key to transforming any house into a loving home. Fragrance has the power to invoke memories and emotions; by filling your home with this exquisite fragrance, you fill it with love and joy. This classic reed diffuser is infused with the finest artisan fragrance to enchant and delight everyone who enters. The aroma will rise slowly and delicately along the sticks, spreading a delightful and truly aromatic fragrance throughout the room. Housed in 120ml chunky glass bottles, this diffuser is designed to maintain its fragrance for up to 12 weeks, offering enduring scent enjoyment.

Dimentions: 30x10x10 (cm)


Materials/Ingredients: Glass Bottle, Reeds, Fragrance, Gift Box

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