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108 Bead Mala - Rose Quartz

108 Bead Mala - Rose Quartz

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Experience the calming and loving energy of the Rose Quartz Gemstone Mala Beads. This 108 bead Mala is perfect for meditation and mindfulness practices, allowing you to keep count while reciting your mantras or the names of deities.

Imported from Ahmedabad, India, each bead is carefully crafted from genuine Rose Quartz, known for its association with love and compassion.

Embrace the Hindu tradition by using the Mala with your right hand, allowing the thumb to move from one bead to the next while draped over your middle finger. This practice helps to transcend the ego and achieve self-realization.

Each bead is unique in size and length due to the natural variation of the gemstone, ranging from approximately 0.6 cm to 0.8 cm in size and 60 cm to 80 cm in length.

Choose the Rose Quartz Mala for a truly esoteric and meaningful addition to your spiritual journey.



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