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Wooden Smudge and Ritual Offerings Bowl - Tree of Life - 13x7cm

Wooden Smudge and Ritual Offerings Bowl - Tree of Life - 13x7cm

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Bring a touch of natural beauty and functionality to your sacred space with our Wooden Smudge and Ritual Offerings Bowl featuring the Tree of Life design. Crafted from wood, this bowl exudes an organic aesthetic, creating a serene and grounding atmosphere for your spiritual practices.

The 13x7cm size of the bowl makes it versatile for various uses, whether you're burning smudging herbs, resins, or presenting ritual offerings. It's perfect for cleansing rituals, meditation practices, or as an elegant focal point on your altar.

The smooth surface of the bowl ensures easy preparation, while its durable construction guarantees longevity, making it a timeless addition to your spiritual rituals.

Choose from a range of designs including Hamsa, Buddha, Pentagram, Three Moons, and Four Elements to resonate with your personal journey towards mindfulness and connection.



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