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Square Box - Vintage Roses

Square Box - Vintage Roses

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Indulge in the timeless beauty of roses with our Soap Flower Gift Round Box in Vintage Roses. This exquisite gift set pays homage to the classic elegance of roses, making it a perfect present for weddings, anniversaries, or any occasion that calls for a touch of romance.

  • Romantic Elegance: Inside the square box, you'll discover a stunning collection of handcrafted soap flowers.
  • Timeless Love: Whether you're expressing your love on a special anniversary or celebrating a wedding, these soap roses symbolise enduring love and affection.
  • Lasting Memories: Unlike real roses, these soap blooms will remain fresh, preserving the memory of your special occasion for years to come.

Embrace the romance of vintage roses and create lasting memories. It's a heartfelt way to convey your love and appreciation on life's most memorable occasions.



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