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Spearmint 50ml

Spearmint 50ml

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Indulge in the refreshing aroma of Spearmint Essential Oil. Sourced from China, this high-grade oil is extracted through steam distillation, preserving its natural properties.

With a 60% Carvone variety, this essential oil boasts the distinctive scent that Spearmint is known for. The remaining 40% comprises of other natural chemicals found in the Spearmint plant.

Spearmint Essential Oil is a versatile remedy, renowned for its soothing properties. From skin issues to cold symptoms, headaches to respiratory problems, it offers relief in various ailments.

In aromatherapy, it aids in reducing nasal congestion, promoting easier breathing by clearing phlegm and mucus. Its revitalizing effect enhances mood, concentration, and energizes the skin, while its fresh fragrance uplifts the spirits and provides emotional comfort.



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