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Silver Angel Bell - Creativity - 16mm

Silver Angel Bell - Creativity - 16mm

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Embrace the enchanting sound of the Silver Angel Bell - Creativity, a delicate 16mm bell that exudes grace and charm. Handcrafted on the mystical island of Bali, each bell is bestowed with love and blessings, making it a truly special and meaningful accessory.

The gentle chime of the bell serves as a constant reminder of the presence of angels, bringing about a sense of serenity and positivity. With an open heart, it is believed that the bell may even attract celestial beings, bestowing good fortune upon the wearer.

Every silver angel bell comes with its own unique name, known only to you, allowing you to infuse it with personal significance and purpose. Made from 92.5 silver, these artisan-crafted bells are accompanied by neck cords featuring silver details and clasps, adding a touch of elegance to the piece.

Whether for yourself or as a heartfelt gift, the Silver Angel Bell - Creativity embodies the essence of thoughtfulness and sincerity. Be the bearer of joy and positivity by sharing the gift of an angel bell with a loved one.

Dimensions: Diameter 16mm, 0.002L, 512.9Kg/L

Materials/Ingredients: Silver

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