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Set of 10 Spell Candles - Good Energy

Set of 10 Spell Candles - Good Energy

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Enhance your rituals with our Set of 10 Spell Candles, each imbued with the power to attract good energy. These vibrant orange candles are perfect for focusing your intentions and manifesting your desires.

Using candle magic is a simple yet powerful way to amplify your will and bring positive energy into your life. The fiery orange hue of these candles strengthens the element of fire, offering protection and helping you to uncover solutions.

Simply inscribe your intention onto a piece of paper, light the candle, and burn the paper in a safe container. As the candle burns down, it will infuse your intention with its energy, bringing your ritual to completion.

Each candle measures 12.5x1cm, allowing for a substantial burn time to fully harness its magical properties.


Materials/Ingredients: Paraffin Wax

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